Sunday, January 01, 2017

The year's tally

Now that 2016 is past, I'll note I had nine short story publications this year:

1. “Captain of the Clouds” – Aurora Wolf, January. 2016

2. “Higher Powers” – Sci-Phi Journal, February 2016

3. “The Milky Way Dance Hall” – Decision Points anthology. May 2016

4. “Lone Star, Lost Star” – Fiction on the Web, July 31, 2016

5. “The Yellow Flag” – Sci-Phi Journal, August 2016

6. “And He Threw His Hands Up in the Air” – Siren’s Call, No. 28 August 2016

7. “Time Like a Rope” – Silver Blade magazine, October 2016

8. "Three Twilight Zone Variations on a High School Reunion" - 3rd Spectral Book of Horror Stories, Oct. 31, 2016

9. “If You Were a Dinah Shore, My Love” – Gallery of Curiosities podcast, Dec. 26, 2016

The first and the last - "Captain of the Clouds" and "If You Were a Dinah Shore, my Love" - are both alternate histories.

"Time Like a Rope" and "He Threw His Hands Up In the Air" are secret histories. "Time Like a Rope" is also a time travel story.

"The Milky Way Dance Hall" and "Three Twilight Zone Variations on a High School Reunion" are both Twilight Zone stories. "Twilight Zone Variations" is also a ghost story.

"Higher Powers" and "The Yellow Flag" are both space travel stories.

"Lone Star, Lost Star" is just wacky and satirical

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  1. Very good. Congratulations. Now get back to the keyboard.


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