Saturday, January 07, 2017

"Nobody ever volunteered for a pogrom"

Here's a riddle:

What do you get if you cross a cesspool with an echo chamber?

File 770.

Mike Glyer, who was rewarded for playing Assassins' Creed with the Sad Puppies in 2015 with two Hugo awards last year, likes to post stuff from the s-f losers at the Uncool Kids table so his perpetual internet lynch mob can mock and disrespect them

So of course he picked up my ruminations about the potential of a blacklist.

The usual idiots and assholes that propagate File 770 held forth as evil people are wont to do under the cover of anonymity.

A few said they didn't believe the people who personally recounted their stories of being told they were no longer welcome at certain publishers after the Trump victory.

They said they wanted names.

Uh-huh. These sons-of-bitches are posting anonymously on File 770 but they want the names of the victims of their little cabal to expose themselves.

Back in 1976 there was a made for TV movie called Victory at Entebbe", about Operation Entebbe, when Israeli commandos freed the hostages on an airliner that had been flown to Entebbe, Uganda.

That was back when Idi Amin was dictator of Uganda. The terrorists had separated the passengers with Israeli passports for - God knows what end. The Israelis moved in and, in a lightning raid on July 4, 1976, freed the hostages. Only three died in the mayhem.

The leader of the Israeli force, Johnathan Netanyahu - the brother of the current prime minister- was among the five Israeli casualties.

In "Victory at Entebbe", Richard Dreyfuss played Jonathan Netanyahu. Helen Hayes played a character meant to portray Dora Bloch.

After the raid, the commandos learned one hostage had not been at the airport. The 74-year old Mrs. Bloch had previously taken ill and was a hospital instead. Of course, after the raid no one ever heard of her again. Reports almost 30 years later said witnesses said she was shot and her body dumped outside Kampala.

In the movie, there is a hostage who expresses feelings of guilt because when the terrorists sorted out the Israelis - and some people who were obviously Jewish - he escaped because he had an American passport and a name not obviously Jewish.

(In the scene where the terrorists are sorting out the Jews, one man objects because he has a Belgian passport, and the terrorist lady mocks him because his name is Moshe Meyer as she shoves him in the room with the others.)

Anyway, Mrs. Bloch comforts the other hostage who later has feelings of guilt, saying how he behaved was perfectly reasonable.

She says "Nobody ever volunteered for a pogrom."

And that pretty much sums of my attitude towards the scumbags at File 770 who want me to name the names of the people who confided in me their tales of blacklisting.


  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    There's no such thing as a blacklist and if you keep saying there is we'll make sure you never work in this town again!

  2. Perhaps they should volunteer their names and addresses first - as a 'good will' gesture?
    Well, that ain't gonna happen!

  3. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Yes, but Lou - you STILL haven't addressed whether THIS is a better explanation of why editors might not want to deal with you rather than a "conspiracy"

    1. Cuinn's characterization of what happened, when and why is false, but there is a certain culpability on my part because of my even mentioning it. If you or any of your asshole chums ever went back and read what I originally said, you'll see I meant it as a cautionary tale. She took it the wrong way, and everyone accepted her version and take on it - but then again there's no arguing with a lynch mob. She claimed she received death threats, which everyone takes as face value because - Puppies.

      You and pricks like you were just out for blood, and there was no way you would listen to the actual facts and narrative. I was just the villain, rather than the victim of a mistake or misunderstanding. And when I tried to defend myself, you bastards screamed louder for my blood and my head.

      You are an anonymous prick and a coward. Cuinn may be in the end just neurotic, but you're stupid and evil, to keep repeating an old lie.

    2. Anonymous9:12 PM

      "Cuinn's characterization of what happened, when and why is false,"

      Well, Lou, an objective observer might be inclined to give the accused the benefit of the doubt, except for three minor problems you have.

      Firstly, we have seen you scream on this very post about a few anonymous sons-of-bitches on File770 demanding names. However, when we examine the source we see that this is actually ONE person with a NAME who told you to "Name names or shut up".

      The objective observer would conclude your veracity of your testimony isn't very trustworthy, whether for cognitive bias, confabulation or other reasons.

      Secondly, you have a track record of this sort of thing. We remember how you tried to get somebody in trouble at work for posting something you didn't like, and we remember how you tried to sic the Spokane police department onto David Gerrold

      The objective observer would conclude that Cuinn's complaint is well in line with your previous behavior.

      And thirdly, the objective observer can read your own comments in the language you chose, look at your track record of blocking comments which mention inconvenient facts, and draw their own conclusions about your personality.

  4. Anonymous3:26 PM

    "A few said they didn't believe the people who personally recounted their stories of being told they were no longer welcome at certain publishers after the Trump victory.

    They said they wanted names"


    By "a few anonymous sons-of-bitches", you mean the SINGLE poster NAMED Harold Osler...

    Isn't it strange how you always seem to get things wrong when reporting about people you disagree with?

    Isn't it strange how you don't seem to mention this incident -

    And isn't it strange how you don't let through comments which are not obscene and haven't insulted you, but mention inconvenient facts you don't want to acknowledge?...

    1. Anonymous6:58 PM

      And yet, he let *this* comment through . . .


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