Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Latest sale

I'm proud to announce that TANSTAAFL Press will be publishing my story "A Choice of Weapons" as part of its forthcoming "Enter the Apocalypse" trilogy.

They describe is thusly:

"For all of you fans of apocalyptic fiction, TANSTAAFL Press is planning an anthology along that line. We have open call for stories from people all over the world.

"The first book in the anthology series will be Enter the Apocalypse. This will be devoted to apocalypses just starting.

"The second book in the series will be “Enter the Aftermath.” This will be devoted to the height or burnout of an apocalypse.

"The final book in this series will be “Enter the Rebirth.” What is the new normal after the apocalypse is over.

"We have already accepted several stories that run a wide range of destructive scenarios from a creeping mold that won’t creep any longer to a religious disaster to the singularity that goes horribly right. We plan on publishing this circa December this year."

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