Friday, July 01, 2016

Working for a living

I got out of the habit of posting here regularly because the way the putz who runs the File 770 web page would cut and paste anything I wrote to hold me up to ridicule. Mike Glyer was an enforcer during the Sad Puppies debacle last year, and the worthless asswipes who comment on the web site are like the worst people in the world. Not the internet, the world.

Glyer used to work for the IRS, but retired last year, so whatever the case he always had plenty of time on his hands. It's easy to notice most of the people who populate the web page have government jobs - which means they really don't work for a living. If these dipshits ever realized how much hard-working self-supporting people resent lazy bureaucrats, the way the world works would be much clearer to them - from Brexit to Donald Trump.

Aaron Pound, one of the worst of the breed, is a government lawyer, for Christ's sake.

I'm probably doing myself a disservice by not posting more frequently, so I may pick up the pace a bit. Of course, I have to post AFTER working for an honest day's pay; sometimes I'm tired, but at least I know I support myself by my wits and my sweat, and not because I'm a politically-privileged hack.

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