Saturday, January 02, 2016

Here's my end-of-the-year roundup -

My publications in 2015 were as follows:
"The Cookie Crumbles" - ConDFW XIV Souvenir Program Book, February 2015:

A short story that supposes that all American businesses are controlled by one secret organization,and that the real reason there has been such an anti-smoking campaign for the past 50 years is because R.J. Reynolds defied that control. In an alternate reality, it was Nabisco, and cookies are subject of the health-directed efforts, not tobacco.
"The Grove of Curiosities" - 4 Star Stories, No. 14:

"A tale of a want-to-be Squire who, equipped only with his wits and sense of honor, embarks on a quest that may cost him his life" -…/story_1.htm
"Cerulean Dream" - Tales of the Talisman, Vol. X No. 3:

"Hurricane Katrina had a far-reaching impact for New Orleans and the country. Lou Antonelli shows us the impact it had on mermaids." -
“The Queen of the Lesser Gods" - C Spot magazine, June 2015:

Mythological creatures are not gods or monsters, but survivors.
“Would Olympus Fall” – Ruins Excavations anthology, Nov. 2015:

An archaeologist digs for lost Aztec gold in a post-collapse America.…/…/0989263169
“Port Radium” – Tales from the Otherverse anthology, Nov. 2015.

An alternate history: "What if Douglas MacArthur had been a German general during WWII?"…/…/B018CQF05I…

I think "Port Radium" is a decent alternate history, "Cerulean Dream" can be considered either fantasy or s-f (depending how you hold it up to the light) and "Would Olympus Fall" a good near-future story.

If anyone would like to read any of my stories published in 2015, just PM me and I'll get you a copy.
Hope your new year is going well.

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  1. I'd love to read your 2015 stories. I liked your Hugo nominated stuff last year and would be interested in seeing how this year's writing holds up.


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