Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ApolloCon suspended

I was saddened to learn today via email that the Houston Science Fiction Association (HSFA) will not be holding ApolloCon this year.

I've been a guest panelist at ApolloCon a number of times - probably four or five - including last year. I always found it well run and fun. I especially enjoyed it last year because my wife Patricia also went.

The people who run cons are volunteers and dedicated, devoted and determined. My hats are off to them! I want to thank all the folks of the HSFA for all the hard work they did over the years for ApolloCon. They deserve a break. I hope they have lots of fun events in the future.

This is the second con I've attended multiple times over the years that has suspended. I still miss Conestoga, which used to be held in Tulsa.

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