Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why Dogs Like To Snuggle With People

You’ve probably never heard this, but it’s true – Adam and Eve had fur just like so many other animals in the Garden of Eden (and just like their cousins the Bigfeet have today).

As God was kicking them out of the Garden, the other animals watched and felt bad for then – but especially Mr. and Mrs. Dog. They were good friends. Adam always threw the stick for Mr. Dog, and Eve would comb Mrs. Dog’s fur.

As they walked through the gate, Adam side-mouthed to Eve: “We screwed up big time, but at least we’ll be warm,” and he tugged at the fur on his arm.

God heard that.

“I’ll show you, wise guy,” and he leaned down and grabbed both of them by the nape of the neck, and with one clean gesture yanked the fur coats right off them!

“You’ve left us naked and cold to the world,” wailed Eve.

“Too bad, so sad,” snarled The Big Guy. “Now git!”

Mr. Dog turned to Mrs. Dog.

“Oh my, they’ll freeze to death without any fur!”

“We need to do something help them,” said Mrs. Dog.

“Let’s go with them!” said Mr. Dog, “We can keep them warm,” and they both jumped up and ran after the humans.

They managed to slip through the gate just as it closed. Adam looked behind him as the Garden disappeared into the mist.

“Thanks for sticking with us, old chum,” he said as he rubbed Mr. Dog’s ears..

“Well, we have at least two friends in the world,” said Eve.

That night, Mr. Dog slept up against Adam, and Mrs. Dog cuddled with Eve, and kept them warm. The two dogs looked at each other and sighed.

So remember when a dog snuggles or cuddles or lays up against you, it’s not just because they love you. Of course they do, but they also feel sorry for all of us. When a dog curls up with you, he wants to keep you warm as he thinks:

“I’m sorry you lost your fur.”

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