Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Free speech

Just a reminder, as we approach the end of the voting period for the Hugo awards, of the tone maintained by many of the opponents of this year's Sad Puppy finalists.

Brad, of course, refers to Brad Torgersen, who coordinated the assembly of this year's list of recommendations. He will not be able to attend the Hugo ceremony, insofar as he is in the military and currently deployed in the Middle East - protecting the right of fellow Americans to express their free speech opinions.


  1. For comparison, check out how nice Puppies are to people they disagree with--people who had never said one bad thing about Puppies up to that point.

    Larry Correia said "If you can’t stomach the comments long enough to hear what a typical WorldCon voter sounds like, let me paraphrase: “Fantastic! I’m so sick of people actually enjoying books that are fun! Let’s shove more message fiction down their throats! My cause comes before their enjoyment! Diversity! Gay polar bears are being murdered by greedy corporations! Only smart people who think correct thoughts like I do should read books and I won’t be happy until my genre dies a horrible death! Yay!” (and if there is beeping noise in the background, that’s because they’re backing up their mobility scooter)."

  2. Yeah, well, Larry is entitled to his opinion and way of expressing himself. Nobody speaks for me except myself.

  3. Jonah4:53 PM

    No, none of our actions in the Middle East over the past 15 years have been "protecting the right of fellow Americans to express their free speech opinions." We were never in danger of al-Qaeda or Saddam Hussein overthrowing our government and enslaving America, despite the fear-mongering by the Bush administration.

    We don't even protect our freedom of speech at home. We accepted the Patriot Act, shoved down our throats by GW Bush, and we accepted its renewal and expansion under Obama.


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