Tuesday, June 02, 2015

"The Queen of the Lesser Gods"

C Spot magazine, where I work part-time as managing editor, wants to start running short fiction as part of its mission to promote the creative arts in Texas, so I donated a short story, "The Queen of the Lesser Gods". It has a particularly nice layout (which I had nothing to do with).

It's my 94th short story published in 12 years, since my first short story "Silvern" was published in Revolution SF in June 2003.

I noticed that my entry in the Science Fiction Encyclopedia was recently updated to reflect the fact that "Silvern" was my first published story. For the longest time it said my first story was "Double Crossing the Styx" which was published in Continuum Science Fiction in 2004. I assume that was because my bibliography in the Internet Science Fiction Data Base (ISFDB) starts with "Styx". I suppose free online pubs such as Revolution or Bewildering Stories don't show up on their radar.

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