Saturday, May 02, 2015

The (type) written word

Ok, to mark the occasion of the Hugo voting, I am going to do something a little different. I have found the start of my Hugo-nominated "On a Spiritual Plain" that I typed at a table in the dealers' alley at the GalaxyFest convention in February 2013. I banged out 12 pages on my Smith-Corona Classic 12 portable manual typewriter before heading back to Texas.

Once home, I scanned the 12 pages and converted them to text, and completed the story in Microsoft Word. Here's my idea: Since there are 12 weeks until the end of the Hugo voting period, each week from now until the end of July I am going to give away one of the original typewritten pages. You can compare each page with that passage in the completed story, if you wish. You can just stare at the page and wonder at obsolete technology.

If you want to be considered this week, just like this post or make a comment below. I will announces the first winner next Saturday, May 9. If you are the lucky winner, I will personally sign and mail the page to you!

I will start on Page 12 and work my way forward, so on July 31st I will send off the title page.

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