Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Some kind of record

Since I've spent the first four months of the year writing my novel, I thought it was about time to get back to writing short fiction. I banged out my first new story of 2015 yesterday.

And I've already sold it - 1,800 words to a respectable semi-pro magazine that pays five cents a word.
The most amazing part is the elapsed time from when I started writing to acceptance:

Four hours.

Now a few points:

1. I do write fast. That's a virtue I acquired from being a journalist. The actual writing took an hour and a half.

2. I am a pantser, and I tend to write in bursts of inspiration.

3. 1,800 words is not very long, and easy enough to proof and check quickly.

4. I had a particular market in mind as soon as I sat down to write.

5. Electronic submissions DO speed up the process.

Still, I even impressed myself.


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