Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cue Wilbert Harrison

My schedule for this weekend at ConQuesT Kansas City's Original Science Fiction Convention, with fellow panelists listed:

Saturday 10:00 AM Tips and Traps: Navigating the World of Short Story Submission
Jack Campbell, Jr., Steven X. Davis, Lezli Robyn

Saturday 1:00 PM Predicting Future Governments or Societies
Jan S. Gephardt, Victoria L’Ecuyer, Dr. Stan

Saturday 2:00 PM Space Opera: Then and Now
Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Robin Wayne Bailey, Rich Horton, Jim Yelton

Saturday 4:00 PM Are We First, Alone, or Screwed?--How Have New Discoveries Changed How We Look at the Fermi Paradox?
Thomas Trumpinski, Robin Wayne Bailey, H.G. Stratman

Saturday 5:00 PM Why indie bookstores are on the rise again?
Brent Bowen, Zo Allen, Dennis Young

Sunday 10:00 AM The Burden of "Metropolis" (M)
Jean Corbin, Jude Marie Green, Allison Stein

Sunday 12:00 PM Editors Are Not The Enemy
Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Chris Gerrib, Robin Wayne Bailey, Clair Ashgrove

Sunday 3:00 PM Reading

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