Thursday, April 16, 2015

Two more scalps

Even before the nomination closed for the Hugo awards, there were a number of people who didn't want their names on the Sad Puppies recommendation list and asked that they be removed. Quite frankly, since the Sad Puppy list was only a list of recommendations, Brad Torgerson shouldn't have needed people's permission to put the name on the list. But the fact is the threats of retaliation against anyone associated with Sad Puppies is so severe that some people feared even having their names linked with it.

Yesterday two people who previously didn't mind having their names on the list and who are Hugo nominated decided withdraw the names. They are both young and probably afraid theircareers will be hurt. Quite frankly, I think it's a futile gesture. Their flirtation with deviancy will never be forgiven by the SF establishment.

I've had people urge me stay the course and not withdraw from the ballot; people who know I'm not terribly close to Brad Torgerson or Larry Correia. One advantage of being a part-time writer as that the threats the revenge and retaliation really don't bother me; I got a real job.

In light of the rule or ruin policy of the SF establishment, I don't know if the Hugo awards will be held this year, or if they will be held in the future. I'm proud of my works that are nominated, and I think they are worthy of recognition. No amount of backstabbing, backbiting, slander and character assassination can change that.


  1. I am starting to regret buying your books. One writer totally and loudly objected to being on the final ballot for being nominated by your friend "Vox Day", the other had a difficult decision and finally decided being the the token bisexual Socialist on a conservative slate was making her a football instead of a writer.

  2. What makes you think Beale is a friend of mine? I never met the guy, he didn't ask my permission to put my stuff onto his copycat Rabid Puppies slate.

    Annie Bellett wasn't a token, she probably had the most nominations and would have made it onto the ballot on her own. I also think she had a good shot at winning the award, probably better than mine. She has stated she was being threatened with a boycott of her works if she didn't withdraw. Even the Mafia is more subtle than that.

    Sad Puppies isn't a conservative slate, it's a non-snob slate.

    If you are unhappy with my books, just send them to me and will refund your money personally:

    Lou Antonelli
    1205 East 1st St.
    Mount Pleasant, Tx. 75455


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