Saturday, March 07, 2015

Latest short story publication

From David Lee Summers' Web Journal:

"Tales of the Talisman volume 10, issue 3 is getting ready to ship. Copies are already available at I’ll ship copies to contributors and subscribers as soon as they arrive in my office and I’m back from my travels. The issue features stories by Jude-Marie Green, Frank Tavares, Lou Antonelli, J Alan Erwine, and more. The stories include a fantasy tale of post-Katrina New Orleans, a dark, magical tale of a starship captain ordered to quell an uprising, and a story of learning to fly. As always, the issue includes a great array of poetry and artwork."

My story is "Cerulean Dream", is described in the Amazon blurb thusly:

"Hurricane Katrina had a far-reaching impact for New Orleans and the country. Lou Antonelli shows us the impact it had on mermaids."

This is my 92nd short story published, my third this year.


  1. Will there be an electronic version?

  2. Don't know, I'll have to check.


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