Sunday, February 08, 2015

All caught up

Reports are that, with the Jan. 31st deadline looming to buy WorldCon memberships that include nominations for the Hugo Awards, approximately 600 people registered at the last minute. The folks in Spokane, though, have got all caught up,and I got my email with my registration information today. I copied it below, in case anyone is interested.


Worldcon 2015 "Sasquan", the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention
Greetings Antonelli Lou:
The 2015 Hugo Award nomination period continues through March 10, 2015 at 11:59 pm PDT. You can find all the details for this process on the Sasquan website Hugo Nominations page.
There are printed ballots there that you can print out and mail in, or you can participate online. To use the online functions you will need to enter your Sasquan membership number as well as the PIN assigned to you in order to access the ballot(s).
You may use the following information to submit a nomination ballot:
Name: Antonelli Lou
Membership number: 4303
If you have difficulties accessing the online ballot(s), or you have more general questions on the Hugo process, you can e-mail us at for assistance.
Just a reminder: To be eligible to nominate for the Hugo Awards, one must be a member of Sasquan (or MidAmeriCon 2 or Loncon 3) by January 31. Also, Sasquan1 1 's attending membership rate increases on February 1. People can use Sasquan1 1 's online registration system. Information about staying at hotels during the 2015 may be found on Sasquan1 1 's Hotels page.
Thank you and we look forward to your participation in helping choose the 2015 Hugo Awards.
John Lorentz and Ruth Sachter -- Hugo Administrators
Sasquan -- The 73rd World Science Fiction Convention •
August 19-23, 2015 • Spokane, Washington

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