Wednesday, January 28, 2015

47 years on

Back when I was 12, I joined a Boy Scout Troop in Billerica, Massachusetts. I became patrol scribe, later earned the journalism merit badge - which I still have, sewed to a merit badge sash hanging in the closet with my old uniform.

That all essentially started me on my path as a writer. My scoutmaster at the time, Alfred J. Oxton, is still alive and living in AridZona (as he terms it) and I sent him a copy of "The Clock Struck None". recently.

I received an email from him.

Ave Lou,

Great storeys! Thank you for sending me your new book.

I enjoyed the storeys. Some more than others since certain ones touched
upon ideas or places close to me.

Well Done!


As you can imagine, this is nostalgic, satisfying, and a little amazing. I'll take it.

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