Saturday, December 20, 2014

Kindle collection

Well, I have committed Kindle...

I know some people think I sneeze and my stuff is published, but truth is, I get plenty of rejections like everyone else. Despite having four collections published - that's putting "Letters from Gardner" in the fiction category, the ISFDB lists it as non-fiction - I've had failure there, also. Over three years ago I pitched a reprint collection to an ebook publisher. The deal never happened - I never heard back, so I assume he wasn't interested.

I was thinking about ebooks when I realized I still had the collection, so I decided to upload it to Kindle Direction Publishing. I had never done that before, so I thought I'd give it a try.

"Bend it Like Bradbury" has 21 stories; a few have never been reprinted before. There's a certain amount of overlap with other collections, but my only other collection available through Kindle is 2009's Fantastic Texas.

Here is the Table of Contents:

Meet Me At The Grassy Knoll
Mak Siccar
The Hideaway
Won't You Come Home, Bill Buckley?
Black Hats and Blackberrys
Airy Chick
My Ugly Little Self
Twilight on the Finger Lakes
Across the Plains
The Amerikaan Way
Good Old Gal
Comes the JuJu Man
Double-Crossing The Styx
I Got You
Hopscotch And Hottentots
They Call It Time
Ghost Writer

So there, I've gone and done it. The link is here:

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  1. "I know some people think I sneeze and my stuff is published"

    And here I was thinking you just pulled publications out of your [CENSORED].

    Good to see another collection from you. I just downloaded it. After paying for it, of course.


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