Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Back Own My Stab"

"Back Own My Stab" in Every Day Fiction is my 85th story published since June 2003. It went live on Tuesday. There were some very nice comments:

Derek McMillan • Great story. I love the paradoxes of time travel. They are literally endless. Excuse me I have to go and give some advice for my teenage self, but will I listen? Not on your life :)

Tibor Simic • A neat old-fashioned story with a cool final sentence. I'm not a big fan of expository dialogue, especially at the beginning of a story, but here it works rather well.

terrytvgal • Original and fun. Time travel lends itself to so many possibilities and I generally always enjoy this sort of story.

Shelley Lerea • Fun, interesting story! I love time travel stories, good job, four stars!

Walter Giersbach • Lou, this is a terrific riff on the time travel trope. Especially good because it doesn't beg belief and there's a secondary theme of lust derailed for love and happiness all around.

Bud Clayman • I liked the story. I didn't connect that much with the characters as Martin was a cold fish, but the piece was clever enough to hold my attention. It had many twists and turns which made it interesting.

There was the usual slew of nastiness from people who either don't get it, or think their taste is God's mind, and the normal attacks on the author's abilities.

I have two stories pending publication in Tales of the Talisman and Stupefying Stories. I currently have 17 stories on submission is various and assorted slush piles.

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