Sunday, June 15, 2014

"No Body to Beat"

I spent a little time on Sunday updating my submissions list and sending back out a couple of stories. I didn't have a terribly productive week; last weekend I developed sinusitis and by Monday I had a bad cold. It was intense but of short duration, and I've pretty much recovered. It was all I could do not to take a sick day at work.

One thing I'm pleased with is that I finally came up with an ending for a story idea I've been contemplating for a few years. In "No Body to Beat",  a time traveler decides the best thing he can do for the present United States is to take down the concept of "corporate personhood". Specifically, he goes back in time and applies critical pressure in 1886, when in the case case Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific, the Chief Justice Waite of the Supreme Court orally directed the lawyers that the Fourteenth Amendment equal protection clause guarantees constitutional protections to corporations in addition to natural persons.

The problem was, I couldn't come up with a logical extrapolation. It finally came to me this weekend, so I think I will finally be able to whip this one up.

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