Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Taking stock

After sending off a couple of submissions last night and this morning, I see I have a 17 short stories in 18 various slush piles (yes, one story is in two places at the same time). I am still anticipating getting off on a start of a book-length work sometime this year, but there are still about a half-dozen short story ideas I want to work up first.

I suppose if I get maybe two dozen short stories written up and circulating, I can take a break from the short fiction to write something at novel length.

I have a couple of publications coming up that are in the space opera category, and I'm thinking I may be coming up in a year or so with a collection of space opera stories - not my most common variety, but after having written so much over the past 10 years I think I can rustle up at least a dozen with an outer space setting. It may depend, also, on a few potential acceptances.

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