Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fantastic Stories

Expanding a little bit on what I posted Friday, I'll explain that Warren Lapine is restarting Fantastic Stories magazine. Until he gets it off the ground he plans to publish a couple of online anthologies. When I saw his call for submissions I dropped a pair stories into the slush what I thought could stand republication.

"Double Exposure" is a story I have a particular fondness of. It's the only story since "A Rocket for the Republic" that Gardner Dozois bought for Asimov's that sold on itsfirst submission. I happen to think it is the best example of my Twilight Zone tendency. It was published in Daily Science Fiction in 2012. Being a flash however, limits its republication possibilities.

"Hopscotch and Hottentots" was published in such a small venue that I really don't know if anybody ever saw it. and so this could be an opportunity for it to finally reach the public.

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