Saturday, March 22, 2014

Letter in the mail

As some of you might recall, last June I was inducted into the academic Hall of Fame at my high school in Rockland, Massachusetts.  At the time I met an old teacher, who I hadn’t seen since I graduated in 1975.

I promised to send her a copy of “The Clock Struck None” when it was published.  I sent her a copy last month and in today’s mail I received a very nice handwritten thank you letter.

 “I greatly enjoyed reading “The Clock Struck None” History in the subjunctive and alternate universes are wonderful ways to critique our culture…  I also approve - of course – of using the immortal as a teacher in a recovering civilization in “Tell Gilgamesh I’m Sorry.”

“My Ugly Little Self” is quite a tribute to Asimov’s story, and also “The Clan of the Cave Bear”.

“I love the dedication to your wife and wish she had been able to join you at the RHS academic Hall of Fame awards night in June.”

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