Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Farewell, Neal

Art from Revolution S-F's publication of "The Prince of Christler-Coke".
Lots of writers, especially in Texas, were sad to learn Neal Barrett, Jr. passed away Tuesday. Back in 2003, when I first started writing, Jayme Blaschke was the fiction editor at Revolution S-F. I met him at the Con DFW convention in February 2003. Afterwards I looked up Revolution S-F and confirmed what Jayme had said - although it was a small non-paying market, it published quality stuff.

Neal had a story published in Revolution S-F in 2001 called "The Prince of Christler-Coke", which was included in the following year's annual Best Of anthology's honorable mention list. That made me realize that Revolution S-F would still get you read (a book-length version of "Prince" was published in 2004 by Golden Gryphon Press).

Between 2003 and 2006 I had six stories published in Revolution S-F; four were HMs.

I think I first met him in 2004 at ArmadilloCon, and he gave me a copy of his collection, "Slightly Off Center". Met him a few more time over the year, he was a nice guy and is missed

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