Monday, December 16, 2013

"Three Twilight Zone Variations on a High School Reunion"

Spent time Sunday starting my next short story, "Three Twilight Zone Variations on a High School Reunion".  I typed out nine pages of a first draft on my Smith Corona Classic 12 manual typewriter. Tonight I ran the pages through a scanner and then through OCR software to convert them into a text file, and then started editing and revising. Up to 2.145 words, this will be a tight story, my guess no longer than 2,500 words.


  1. Do you always use a typewriter, or was this for mood?

  2. I like to use a typewriter when possible, especially on short stories. Because I have to scan the pages and convert them to a text file, it is cumbersome the longer the story.

    I'm of the age that when I first started writing I used a typewriter, and typing a story makes me feel that old sense of wonder. I suppose it's a nostalgia thing.

    I also believe that because I'm a pantser, and I write very fast, using typewriter makes me slow down somewhat and keeps me from just going down rabbit hole or wild tangent as my imagination runs wild.


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