Monday, December 09, 2013

Last story of 2013, first story of 2014

Despite all the work I've been doing on my various books, I still have two unpublished stories out there, "Riders of the Red Shift" which Bruce Bethke promises to publish in a Stupefying Stories special "Weird, Wild West" issue, and "Bindlestiff's Daughter" which will be published in The Lorelei Signal.

The special issue of Stupefying Stories was originally planned for late summer, but got moved back as the real world intruded on Bruce's life. His mother went on hospice and the passed away. The latest word I have from Bruce is that the special edition will come out later this month.

Carol Hightshoe of the Lorelei Signal went through a period of unemployment. "Bindlestiff's Daughter" was originally to be published in October. The latest word is that it will be part of a special double issue next month.

I need to write a few more short stories, I haven't finished anything original since April. My supply is starting to dwindle

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