Monday, December 30, 2013

Just shamblin' along

Author Kevin J. Anderson recently used Facebook to solicit some suggestions for corny jokes to be used in his Dan Shamble Zombie P.I. series. He promised that if he picked your joke, he'd send a Dan Shamble book. He got a good response, and one of my jokes was a
keeper, so he's sending me a book. Thanks, Kevin.

On another front, review copies have begun going out for "The Clock Struck None". I see John DeNardo at SF Signal got his. I have already scheduled my first signing, on Jan. 25 here in Mount Pleasant.

On yet another front, the slate for the SASS board of directors has been completed. I am awaiting approval from the incoming president for the news release I will be sending out.

Over at the SFWA web site, I submitted myself as one of the featured authors, so I am in the front page rotation now. I have also submitted "The Clock Struck None" as a featured book, but they don't put books into the rotation until a month before the release date. The release date for "Clock" is Feb. 14.

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