Sunday, December 01, 2013


In case you missed it, my alternate history story "Custodes" has been published in The Fifth Dimension. Their blurb for the issue states "The Fifth Dimension features some of the best science fiction and fantasy fiction and poetry. This issue features religious oppression, bizarre aliens, cocky captains, bizarre diplomacy and so much more."

In addition to myself, the issue features stories and poetry from Bruce Boston, Wayne Carey, C.J. Carter-Stephenson, Jeffery Scott Sims, Francis W. Alexander, Robert P. Hansen, Kurt MacPhearson, and David C. Kopaska-Merkel.

Here's how it begins:


Sergius rubbed his chin as he read the placard on the exterior of the Roma Locomotive Terminus. It was blatant but effective.

“Do You Have a Hot Tip?

“CHRIST-STOPPERS offers a reward for information leading to the arrest and execution of ANY CHRISTIAN

“30 pieces of silver!

“You will remain anonymous.

“Telephone today I-DCCC-DLV-MCCXII”

The businessman smiled. “Someone must have a sly sense of humor,” he thought, “using hot tip on a poster printed after the Great Fire.”

As he rubbed his chin, he realized he needed a shave. “Damn, it is a long train ride from Mediolanum,” he thought.

He snapped his fingers as he got into the taxi. “The Coliseum Plaza, and quickly.”


Here's a link where you can buy the issue on Smashwords.

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