Friday, September 20, 2013

Tales from the Wild Weird West delayed

Stupefying Stories is going to release a special themed anthology, Tales from the Wild Weird West. It was scheduled to have been out already, but Publisher Bruce Bethke is having to take care of one of those sad transition issues in life - his mother is dying. They took her off life support yesterday.

I thought I'd devote this space today to listing again the Table of Contents. It is a good selection of stories. We all wish Bruce strength as he goes through this difficult time/

“An Offering at Midnight” by L. Joseph Shosty
“Paying Old Debts” by Rebecca Roland
“Gray Eagle’s Revenge” by Roy C. Booth and R. Thomas Riley
“The Well” by Rose Blackthorn
“Welcome to Scuttletown” by Jeff Shelton-Davis
“MacGruder and the Ghost” by Ken Altabef
“Rain Charmer” by Gef Fox
“La Sombra del Diablo” by Douglas J. Moore
“The Automated Earp” by Michael Ezell
“Cattle Futures” by Rebecca Schwarz
“Princess Nicotine” by John Skylar
“Riders of the Red Shift” by Lou Antonelli
“The New Herd” by Lilliana Rose

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