Friday, September 27, 2013

My FenCon schedule

The FenCon convention is coming up Oct. 4-6 in Dallas. I've gotten my schedule and here it is:

Friday  6:00 PM  - 7:00 PM    Elm
Boon or Bane? Disruptive Technologies of the Future

Description: For good or ill, the internet and mobile technologies have radically transformed how we live and work, in just a few short years. How will new technologies like next generation genomics, 3D printing, autonomous robotics, advanced materials and more affect us in the near future?

Lou Antonelli, Martin L. Shoemaker, Adrian Simmons, Teresa Nielsen Hayden


Friday  9:00 PM  - 10:00 PM    Live Oak
Compelling Dialogue

Description: Good dialog is the backbone of a strong story. How do you know if your characters are too chatty, or too quiet?

Lou Antonelli, Carole Nelson Douglas, Vickey Malone Kennedy, Sabine Starr


Saturday  2:30 PM  - 2:30 PM    Gallery

Lou Antonell, Michelle Bardsley


Saturday  7:00 PM  - 8:00 PM    Live Oak
Where the #&%@ are all the aliens?!?

Description: The Fermi Paradox asks if there's such a high probability of alien civilizations, why haven't we found them yet? Maybe they aren't there after all, or maybe we're looking in the wrong places. Our panel will discuss all of this, and maybe figure it out once and for all!

Lou Antonelli, Chris Donahue, William Ledbetter, Geoffrey A. Landis

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