Sunday, July 28, 2013

What we have here...

You know, with the proliferation of media, it's almost impossible for me to get a hold of anyone any more. Because I have carpal tunnel syndrome, I hate to text - and besides, you really can't have an intelligent exchange through texting.

But, if you use Facebook, you never know when the people will see your message. Same thing if you use a Facebook message. Nobody seems to read their email anymore, I suppose, because of all the spam. And NOBODY answers the phone any more.

On average, maybe one out ten times when I use email, Facebook or the phone to get a hold of someone, I get a reply in any kind of timely manner. Many times, by the time someone gets back to me, I forgot what it was about.

I think because of sensory overload everyone is slowly becoming autistic and starting to ignore the outside world.

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