Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Great White Ship" sails again

The first official Daily Science Fiction Longer Short Story March and April (and Part of May) Madness - DSFLSSMAMM for short - single elimination 64 story brouhaha, commenced March 1st with daily face-offs. It features the 64 longest stories published in 2012 (only one story per author).

A poll, featuring two stories in head-to-head competition, in on the website each day. The winner advances. Ultimately a single story will win the coveted Favorite (Longer) Short Story of DSF Year 2012. The top two stories receive an illustration by artist Seth Alan Bareiss.

My story "Great White Ship", originally published almost exactly a year ago - May 15, 2012 - has made it to the Final Four.

"Great White Ship" is on the Tangent on-line Recommended Reading list for 2012. Obviously, I'm partial to it. Please vote!

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