Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Back starting around April 14, I noticed site visits appearing in the blog stats from someplace I had never seen before. I went and checked and saw that an author who goes by Vox Day added a link on his web site.

Vox Day's real name is Theodore Beale. He ran as the dissident candidate for the Science Fiction Writers of America presidency this year. He's not PC and seems to delight in sticking his thumb in the eye of the PC Nazis that run the outfit. Although he's been very antagonistic, quite frankly, playing nice with these PC types accrues no benefit. Snobs think if you're nice you're stupid, and if you're a nice Christian you're double-plus stupid. Beale seems to have a special animus for the outgoing SFWA presdent John Scalzi, and that has provided a lot of the sideshow.

Of course, Beale has as much chance of winning the SFWA post than president of Zimbabwe (actually, probably more - there's been small reforms in Zimbabwe). I checked out how these God-hating snobs treated dissent last year, and promptly went off and did my own thing. I pay my dues to SFWA so I can claim the professional status, but there is no place at the table in the group if you believe in God or America.

His blog is called Vox Populi, and in a post on April 14, "The Ideology War in Science Fiction", he wrote:

"I've put a list of standout authors on the right sidebar.  Authors like Sarah and Orson Scott Card, genre writers who have been willing, in some manner of speaking, to stand up against the fascists of science fiction and tell them, no, you don't own science fiction, you don't own fantasy, you are interlopers and intellectual parasites, and you have polluted the very literature you claimed to love.  I encourage those fans of the genre who are of the right themselves to support those writers who don't insult you, who don't despise you, who don't hate you for your religious faith or your political beliefs."

I'm honored that he includes me in his list of Standout Authors, along with Card, Hoyt, Larry Correia, Tom Kratman, John C. Wright, Jerry Pournelle, Michael Flynn, Kerry Nietz, and Mike Williamson.

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  1. The SFWA brass are some of the stupidest people I've ever even heard of. I wrote a series of 5 very long essays and posted them to my site. They're about the racism of the anti-racists in SF. Needless to say, they're not very happy, especially about the open letter asking Scalzi to resign and N.K. Jemisin and Saladin Ahmed to be removed from awards consideration for their non-stop racist comments. Frankly, the reason they're so long is because I enjoyed sticking it to them.


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