Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lone Star Con

I was surprised to find an email in my inbox yesterday inviting me to be a programming participant at Lone Star Con, the World Con later this year. Of course, you would think with the World Con in Texas, I be a participant, but you have to remember that s-f in Texas is run by the Austin cadre and they hate me because I'm not PC: I actually believe in God and the U.S., and I don't believe Obama is the Messiah.

The political correctness in the science fiction literary community is brutal, barbaric and blood-curdling. I hadn't been surprised that I didn't get an invite to participate in programming, and I wasn't going to go as a fan. I pretty much forgot about the con already.

I don't know why I got an invite now; there's always a possibility they actually want to have that proverbial "big tent" and let everybody in. Anyway, I filled out the questionnaire; I'm always willing to help.

We'll see whether I actually get on the programming. When Rick Klaw planned the anthology that's being published in conjunction with the con, he didn't send me an invite and started accepting stories before his own deadline - which is how I accidentally found out it was in the works. He claimed he had sent me an invite (bullshit) and then sent me an invite (Hey, call me Afterthought Antonelli). Then I submitted to him. He rejected my story pretty fast.

Klaw had the lineup of the anthology planned in advance; he even asked people who don't write short fiction - like Stina Leicht - to submit something so he could accept it. But Liecht is a pagan, and I'm a Christian, and in this heathen, Godless country, we know who's got the whip hand. Back to the Catacombs!

So we'll see if this invite to participate was sincere, or just an excuse like Klaw pranked me with.

I do have a few friends in the s-f community, so if I go I do have some people to hang out with if I go. Also, San Antonio is a lovely city, I haven't been there in years.

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