Sunday, February 03, 2013

"Uncle Gumball Saves the World"

Over at the Planetary Stories web site, Shelby Vick has published in the February issue of his ezine "Pulp Spirit" the collaboration between myself and Ed Morris, "Uncle Gumball Saves the World". This is the fifth time Ed and I have thoroughly collaborated on a story (He's given me author's credit on a story named "Eva" that was published years ago in Neometropolis, but really I only did the outline, he had to write it because something intervened in my life.

"Uncle Gumball" originated with me, but this is a true collaboration. Ed's help was especially vital because of my unfamiliarity with "wired" culture. I think it the story comes off well, and I am somewhat surprised it took as long as it did to find a home (six and a half years).

As you might suppose, "Chimp Latin" is the Maguffin that initially led to the idea, but the story took on a life of its own, especially as we developed the background of the retired children's show host.

Of course, anyone who grew up in the Dallas area will recall Mr. Peppermint. This is one of those stories that takes off from a fictitious/alternate history contemporary of a real character.

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