Thursday, February 14, 2013

My ConDFW schedule

ConDFW in Dallas is this weekend. Here is my schedule:


10 am: Lou Antonelli, Martha Wells

Reading (Trinity VIII)

12 pm: Lou Antonelli, Paul Black

Main Programming (Trinity V)

2 pm: Tweaking Reality: How to Alter History Believably
Panelists: Candace Havens (M), Jo Walton, Taylor Anderson, Lou Antonelli, Jayme Lynn Blaschke

When you read most alternate history stories, there are major changes in the timeline. The First World War is still going in 1939, for instance, or the Civil War doesn’t end. But you can’t just say “The Civil War doesn’t end” and expect people to believe you. Sometimes it is the small changes at key times that herald alternate history – and our experts tell you how to sell small changes to your readers so they stick around for the ride.

Programming 2 (Chinaberry)

1 pm: Interstellar Archaeology: Part Two – The Debunking
Panelists: Mel White (M), Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Lou Antonelli, S. Boyd Taylor, Rick Gonyo, Gloria Oliver

The second of two panels where we inflict discover startling artifacts of OBVIOUS alien origin. Our experts tell us how wrong the previous esteemed panelists were! Last year, Sunday’s panel thoroughly debunked Friday’s experts. Come see if the same holds true this year!

Programming 3 (Trinity VII)

2 pm: 4 Star Stories Symposium
Panelists: Lou Antonelli (M), Mary Gearhart-Gray, David L. Gray, Rhonda Eudaly, William Ledbetter, Ethan Nahte, Gloria Oliver, Selina Rosen

When we heard about 4 Star Stories we knew we had to bring some of the contributors together to explain what they have done. Come see what a group of fellow authors, artists and editors have accomplished!

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