Sunday, January 13, 2013

"There Was a Crooked Man"

One of my chores for this weekend was to finish reading the first installment of Ed Morris' "Crooked Man" series, which is slated to be published in a few months. I promised Ed I would do so, and write a blurb. I enjoyed it very much.

Here is a little background on this series, from the publisher Mercury Retrograde Press, which from what I can tell will be published in seven or eight books:

"On the American east coast four hundred years after a nuclear holocaust, Civilization has rebuilt from the ashes. The Imperial brain-trust of the great city of Shang 2 has invented a perpetual energy source, the Peacemaker. One disgraced soldier finds a way to harness that energy source toward godhood, and uses the Peacemaker to rip a hole in Spacetime to begin. He just never counted on getting caught..."

As I said, I enjoyed the first book, and here is the blurb I wrote:

"In this book, the first in the "Crooked Man" series, Ed Morris takes us on a far-ranging romp across quantum worlds to start us on a kaleidoscopic journey through time and space in pursuit of one of the most fully-fleshed out (pardon the grisly pun) villains in science fiction, fantasy and horror.*The Crooked Man, a supreme monster created through science run proverbially amok, will give you the cold creeps. In this start of the journey, we learn clues from the future on how this came to be, and start on a romp through Colonial-era Pennsylvania that reads like John Jakes gone to Hell on acid - a take on the era unique to Ed, and enormously entertaining.*Ed Morris has poured his heart and soul (I hope he gets it back!) into this tautly written science fiction horror thriller. The writing is tight, the pace like a rocket-sled, the imagery searing. You won't be able to put this story down until you've read it, and then you will be looking over your shoulder for...The Crooked Man."

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