Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Three editors

I was contacted by three different editors yesterday. The first says his ezine is coming out with a "Best of" anthology and said a story they published in January 2009 is being considered, so I sent him a copy of the story as he requested.

David Gray with 4 Star Stories says my short story "Racing with the Sunset" will be published in the winter issue, which should come out in December. If it does, it will be my 12th story published in 2012 - the most ever in a single year for me.

Rhys Hughes, who is guest editing the winter issue of Sein und Werden, says they plan an extended version of the issue to be created as a free ebook, and he asked if I minded being also included in the ebook as well as the print edition. Of course, I have no objections, I'm honored.

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