Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Snow Globe"

Bewildering Stories Issue No. 500 has just come out, and it has my story "Snow Globe", an unusual journey - for me, at least - to a post-Singularity World. It is my 72st story story of mine published since Revolution S-F published "Silvern" in June 2003. It is my 11th story this year, which ties my annual record of last year.

If I get one more story published this year, I will have set a new record of an even dozen in one calendar year. I'm pretty sure I will do that, thanks to a story scheduled in the winter edition of 4 Star Stories. I have another three stories pending publication elsewhere.

This year I've had stories published from up to eight cents a word to zilch per sale. I don't think that's common, but I suppose it highlights the fact that I write for the enjoyment and don't think much about the money - at least from this source. I'm fortunate because I like my day job, and unlike many fiction writers, I would rather do that than write fiction. So although on the basis of my publications and earnings I'm considered a professional genre writer, I really see myself as an amateur.

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