Friday, August 17, 2012

The arrival of the green

People who know me know I am a great fan of Bic orange fine points. Problem is, they haven't been sold in the U.S. since 1995. But a few years ago I ordered 20 black pens from a British technical supply company that was willing to sell them. I added them to my collection old original American pens (I still have four old versions of the pen that still work, they can be distinguished by the fact they have an air hole mid-way up the barrel.

 Last year I picked up a dozen pens in a pack - four blacks, four reds and four blues - from a seller based in South Korea. That gave me the three basic colors of black and blue and red. UT Bic also makes a green ink pen. Problem is their distribution seems to the most restricted of all.

But last month I did a Google search and found a stationery store in Ireland - D&L Stationery in Tiperarry - that would sell and ship me the pens. Today I got the mailing tube with the 20 green pens inside. I've committed to send Rhonda Eudaly a pen so she also has a complete set. She's actually a pen maven, I just happen to like this one type.

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