Sunday, July 01, 2012

"Barsoom Billy" and "The Clock Struck None"

The latest on the writing front:

I had promised David Riley at Science Fiction Trails a rewrite by July 1st on "Barsoom Billy" for his special Martians & Earthlings issue. It mostly involved a beefing up, with a new ending, that added about 1,250 words. Got it off to him by Saturday. He liked it, so it will be published this fall. "Pirates of the Ozarks" will be coming out in the regular Science Fiction Trails, which will be No. 8

I also compiled a proposal for my latest collection, "The Clock Struck None". These are time travel and alternate history stories. The idea for this collection "struck" me - pardon the pun - after my two latest stories in Daily Science Fiction, which both involved quantum universes. My table on contents starts with "Double Exposure" and ends with "Great White Ship". Most of the other ten stories sandwiched between the DSF tales have been published this year or last, although I reach a little further for a few of them.

I put together the file and sent it off to a small press publisher this afternoon whom I had queried earlier.

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