Saturday, June 23, 2012

Looking back on SoonerCon _Saturday

I really enjoyed SoonerCon last weekend, and I hope no one thinks that because I haven't posted extensively about it. I didn't enjoy it. I've just been very busy this past week, and as I noted in a previous post, dragging a bit because of lingering allergies and congestion. My wife is also congested; the lack of a hard freeze this past winter here in East Texas, followed by a wet spring, has led to the worst possible conditions for the proliferation of pollen, mold and general schmutz. As I mentioned previously, I didn't get to the con until 4:30 p.m. I went straight to a nearby parking garage and then walked a couple of blocks to the Sheraton. The first person I saw when I walked into the dealers' room when I arrived Saturday was Rhonda Eudaly, which was a piece of luck. She is the Mistress of Pens, and at a previous con I had given her one of my black Bic orange fine points. Since then, I found another supplier, and also got some reds and blues. I took a pair for her, and as soon as I saw her, I gave them to her. She was much appreciative. I said now our goal is to find one of the green pens. I walked right by Mike Moe at his installation, I didn't recognize him at first with his outfit and hat. Bev had a panel, and other things to do, so I went up to the Green Room. I haven't been to a Con with a Green Room in a long while, and it was very nice, not as crowded as the Con Suite. They also had some pasta and hot dogs.
I spent a considerable time in the hotel lobby chatting with Brad and Sue Sinor, and Adrian Simmons, as well as Gary Babb. I also ran into James Burk and Mark Finn and had nice chats. Bev, Mike and I later visited some con suites. Since I had arrived in my own rental car, I drove myself to Bev and Mike's place. I had a GPS, and I need to get it updated, because it wanted me to get on a highway that's been closed down. I started to get worried, but I eventually moved on enough that it stopped trying to get me on the closed freeway, and I got to their home fine.

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