Sunday, May 13, 2012

More on The GreatWhite Ship

Since I posted other comments, I will post this last comment made on the Facebook page: 

"Shedrick Pittman-Hassett Nice story...I got a very vivid picture of this monstrous ship emerging from the lightning-filled storm clouds. And the colloquialisms ground the story in its setting with authenticity. Really enjoyed it."

For a story that people really enjoyed and that has received a lot of positive comments, this was a hard one to sell. DSF was the 16th market I sent the story to, which I guess shows that entertaining, sweet and inspiring stories aren't mainstream in S-F any more.

 Spent some time today filling out the guest questionnaire for ArmadilloCon, also sent a mug shot to SoonerCon. I also went through a round of resubs. I have a dozen stories nestled in various slush piles now.

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