Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Pirates of the Ozarks"

David Riley is working on Issue No. 8 of the annual Science Fiction Trails, and he emailed me today about my story, "Pirates of the Ozarks". He pointed out a stylistic inconsistency towards the very end that might be more of a problem that a plus. I told him I have no problem with him striking the paragraph.

 I sent "Crab Apples" off to Stanley Schmidt for consideration as a possible Probability Zero piece. Right now I have a half dozen stories in various slush piles

 My wife and I went to Longview Sunday afternoon. I am loathe to shop out of town, since I firmly believe in shopping locally, but there is no Long John Silver's in Mount Pleasant and I was craving some of their friend clams and batter-dipped fish. I stopped at the Books-a-Million there and found a copy of an illustrated book, "NASA/Art: 50 Years of Exploration". I have been thinking about writing an alternate history story set on a Mars or Moon colony, and looking over the images collected from the NASA Art Program tweaked my imagination. It may prove to be a worthwhile purchase.

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