Sunday, February 19, 2012

ConDFW Report

I enjoyed ConDFW this weekend, although I was there for only half the con. I arrived at 3:30 p.m. Saturday. I couldn't participate Friday - my wife and I had a reservation for a Valentine's related social event - and I had to work until 1 p.m. Saturday. Then it took longer than usual to drive to Dallas, which was being soaked by a storm.

I was scheduled to read during the 3-4 slot along with Melanie Fletcher and Linda Donahue. After I checked in at con ops I went to the room where the reading was being held. They had already gone, but I still had time to read a flash.

P.N. Ellrod, Rie Sheridan Rose and I were at the signing table from 4-5. I sold and signed a couple of copies of "Zombie Writing!" - one to Rie -and signed a copy "Texas & Other Planets" as well as "Music for Four Hands".

From 5-6 I was on the panel on Steampunk Aviation ("Fly the Friendly Dirigible Skies!") with Guest of Honor Cherie Priest, Julie Barrett, Martha Wells, P.N. Elrod and Shanna Swenson, who was the moderator. Everyone was at their best and the audience enjoyed it.

Sunday I was on three panels. I moderated two in a row, Escape From the Slush Pile from 11-12 with Jaye Wells, Chris Donahue and Cathy Clamp, who was a last minute replacement for Michael Ashleigh Finn, who had to leave the convention, and Writers to Keep and Eye on from 1-2 with Cherie Priest again, Rachel Caine and Rie Rose as Finn's replacement on this panel.

All the other panelists on the Slush Pile panel could address books, so I was the voice of experience when it came to short fiction. The Writers panel was slower than some others because it is especially hard to break into fiction these days, but in both cases by the end of the hour everyone had learned a lot and enjoyed it.

My last panel was on How to Fix Terrible Prose, with Adrian Simmons, Lee Martindale and Mel White - who was the moderator. Mel had us use the beginning of the infamous Eye of Argon as an example, which proved to be fun as well as instructive.

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  1. It was great fun meeting you at ConDFW yesterday! Thanks for signing my copy of Music for Four Hands.


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