Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Pirates of the Ozarks" sold

David Riley of Science Fiction Trails says the contract's in the mail for my latest weird western, "Pirates of the Ozarks", which will be published in Issue No. 8 in 2012. That will be my third story in Science Fiction Trails; "Professor Malakoff's Amazing Ethereal Telegraph" was published in Issue No. 4, and "A Djinn for General Houston" was published in Issue No. 5.
The cover over there was for the issue that featured "Professor Malakoff", I still think that cover's a hoot.

That's my third story already slated for publication in 2012, since Daily Science Fiction has bought "Great White Ship" and Buzzy Mag has bought "The Centurion and the Rainman".

I'm recovering from this bout of sinusitis, I've been taking anti-biotics since Tuesday, and I think I'm about ready to write up some new stories.

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