Sunday, September 11, 2011

Prepare to be "Zombiefied"

I received word that the anthology "Zombiefied" being published by Sky Warrior Books should be out in a Kindle edition by Oct. 1st, so if you and/or your friends like short stories about the world of the undead, take note.

The editor of "Zombiefied" is Carol Hightshoe. Sky Warrior is run by Maggie Bonham. On their web site they describe themselves as "publishers of quality Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror in e-book formats by established authors."

My story "Good News for the Dead" was originally published in M-Brane SF No. 3 (April 2009). Scott Cupp, in his June 23rd, 2011, review of "Texas & Other Planets" - which includes "Good News for the Dead - on the Missions Unknown web site, said it was an "interesting zombie story (a rare thing in my opinion)."

This will be the first time I've had a story reprinted in a themed anthology. I assure you, "Good News for the Dead" is the only Christian zombie story you will ever read.

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