Thursday, September 29, 2011


Tuesday night, after I posted here, I emailed Chris Garcia. He replied that he was - at that moment - keyboarding "The Quantum Gunman". He said he plans to use a copy of a typed page as a graphic with the story. He said he still has to figure out how to do that since Drink Tank is printed in a landscape format. Good luck, Chris, this guy is really enthused!

As I have mentioned. I returned to Fencon Saturday in time for my panel on "How to Build a Scientist" at 2 p.m. I was the only non-scientist on the panel, which was helpful in my moderating because I had nothing to contribute - so I could concentrate on moving the panel along. My compatriots were Guest of Honor Gail Carriger, Scientist Guest of Honor Les Johnson, Alexis Glynn Lattner and Scott Padgett. I really don't even understand what any of them do for a living, but as for the moderating - well, the panel was very well received by the audience, and one panelist afterwards complimented me on the job I did.

Bill Ledbetter and I then went out to The Tasty Greek on Belt Line Road and enjoyed some tasty Middle Eastern cuisine. We came back to the Con and I set up in the gallery and, as I mentioned before, typed up "The Quantum Gunman". Bill was nice enough to put me up for the night in his guest bedroom since my original plan for Saturday night accommodations fell through.

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