Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back from Fencon

FenCon went very well this year. I'm sure hosting the DeepSouthCon drew a lot of extra people, but the Fen Folks were up to it all. You could tell they were very concerned and diligent to be good hosts.

My schedule was a bit screwy. Since I worked Friday I indicated that I should have no panels before 5 p.m. They followed my wishes, and my first panel was Friday at 10 p.m. I left Mount Pleasant about 5:30 p.m. and got to Dallas in time to spend a couple of hours before the panel visiting with people. After the panel I left to drive back to Mount Pleasant. Because of particular reasons that aren't interesting to the layman, I really wanted to to do the Sunday paper, and when I saw my first panel on Saturday wasn't until 2 p.m., I decided to work Saturday morning and rejoin the convention afterwards.

It got there in time for the 2 p.m. panel, and afterwards caught a late lunch with Bill Ledbetter at the Tasty Greek restaurant on Belt Line Road. When we got back to the convention I set up my typewriter in the gallery and began my little gig again - like I did at ArmadilloCon - where I write a story in public.

I banged out a six page story, "The Quantum Gunman", between 6-8:30 p.m. I also used the typewriter Sunday, and I am now suffering the side effect, because my carpal tunnel syndrome has become inflamed. I have to sign off for now and get a cold pad.

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