Monday, August 08, 2011

Table at 'DilloCon

ArmadilloCon in Austin is coming up Aug. 26-28, and they have made an offer to authors that I decided to take advantage of. They will let you buy a half table in the dealer's room. I've decided to take them up on that. It will give me a place to hang my hat, and I plan to bring my Smith-Corona Classic 12 portable typewriter and show the younger generation the way it was done. I bet I can bang off a few stories in my free time.

I will not be selling copies of "Fantastic Texas" and "Texas & Other Planets" because Zane Melder will have them at Edge Books, but "Music for Four Hands" should be available from Yard Dog Press by then, so I think I will take the opportunity to sell it.

I will not be at the convention in time to participate in the dealers' room Friday, but I expect to be there all day Saturday and Sunday.

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