Monday, August 22, 2011

News from Reno

The world science fiction convention was in Reno this past weekend. The s-f pros and diehards were all gathered up and appeared to have a good time, from all the postings on the internet I read. I really doubt I'm an important enough writer to spend time at a world con; I went to NASFIC in St. Louis back in 2007 and got the cold shoulder from a number of pros.

Also, WorldCon always seems to be the weekend before ArmadilloCon, and I simply don't have the stamina to attend two cons on two successive weekends. So now, I'm looking forward to 'DilloCon this weekend. I have a few friends there and a decent set of panels, considering I'm not getting there until Saturday morning (I work mornings Saturday on my job at the newspaper, so to attend all three days of a con I'd have to burn TWO vacation days. My compromise is to work Friday and take Saturday off).

Next month I will go to Fencon in Dallas, and in December I plan to be at Contraflow in New Orleans.

San Antonio won the vote in Rno to host WorldCon in 2014, which should be fun. Everything I've heard about the last WorldCon there in 1997 was positive. Although I doubt I'll be any closer to being considered a serious s-f writer then, I'm sure I'll attend because it's so close.

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